Human Following Robot

The aim of the project is to track the human hand using an ultrasonic sensor, a servomotor, two IR sensors and a driver connected to the motors then the wheels, and connected to the Arduino. When the hand is positioned in front of the robot, within a range of 30-40cm, both IR sensors function and the command is sent to the driver circuit, which drives the two wheels in a forward movement. In case of activating the left IR sensor, (i.e. the hand is on the left side of the robot), within the same previous range, the driver stops the right wheel and commands the left wheel to turn to the left. When the hand is on the right side of the robot, still within the range of 30-40cm, the driver stops the left wheel and commands the right wheel to turn to the right. In case the hand is placed very close to the robot, within a range of 10-30cm, the robot moves backward. Lastly, when the hand is placed right next to the sensors (within a range of less than 10cm), the robot stops moving completely.
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